Flirty GirtyTMThe bait with the funny name that catches fish.

The original Flirty GirtyTM  was used by a few die-hard Northwoods ice fisherman over two decades ago.  As word of the lure's success spread -- people began asking for them by name.  Now they are available across the midwest so you too can discover the secret only a few fishermen knew about years ago.  You owe it to yourself to try the bait with the funny name that catches fish -- the Flirty GirtyTM

Flirty GirtyTM Walleye Jigs - are a larger version of the proven fish-catching original Flirty GirtyTM  plus new added features.  They have a protective ridge which prevents the Glowing 3-D Eyes from chipping. This ridge also gives the lures a natural wobbling action which fish can't resist, whether casting and retrieving them or suspending them in a river current.  Use live bait such as minnows, leeches or crawlers, or they can be rigged with soft plastic tails.

The stand-up style Flirty GirtyTM  Walleye Jig heads improves hook sets while helping to prevent snags common to ordinary jigs.  They are also deadly when used for vertical jigging for walleyes and perch under the ice!