Hello fish anglers, it's Don Springer, Flirty Girty ProStaff member since 2016.

I live on a lake in Polk County, WI, and I really enjoy fishing year 'round. I fish walleye & panfish in the summertime and mostly panfish in the winter.

I have been fishing with Flirty Girty products since 1991 when Dave Sumner started his great business.

I remember like it was yesterday going to the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show and stopped to check out the Flirty Girty booth selling these unique flat panfish jigs with eyes that glow. The price was right so I bought almost all the colors and assortment of sizes. To this day, it's all I ever use for panfish. I started ordering more jigs for myself and my friends. One day I called for more and Dave commented "man you buy a lot of my jigs" I'd like to meet you, so we did and have been best friends and fishing buddies ever since. 

Dave's also one heck of a fisherman and has taught me a lot.

About 6 years ago, I started fishing summer walleyes with Flirty Girty Walleye Jigs and have caught lots since. They are 3 dimensional with eyes that glow. They're flat like the panfish jigs and are great to fish near weed lines without getting hung up in the weeds. And we've now added the Wunderbread colored jigs.

Years ago, I helped Dave develop the custom-made Flirty Girty Noodle Rod, it has been a big hit. The rod tips so sensitive that you can feel the bite in your hand with the light split cedar handles. It's so sensitive that I've never used a spring bobber since.

About 3 years ago, Dave & I developed the Bait Weights made of tungsten. They look like a slip bobber bead that you slide on your line before tying on your hook. It's great for weight to replace sinkers, and the multiple colors attract fish and also rattle if you use 2 or more beads. Last season Flirty Girty added 2 new colors a glow bead and red bead to the 7 existing colors. 

I use bait weights for all panfish & walleye, and glow treble icehooks for tip-up fishing

Hello folks!! Pro Staffer Tim Strand here, lifelong fisherman who became a proud member of the Flirty Girty ProStaff in 2017. 

I love multi-species fishing all year around, but especially have a fondness for ice fishing. I have been using Flirty Girty jigs for several years now and they have hands down been my go to jigs ever since I first tied one on. They are great for targeting any specie of panfish including most gamefish.  Now you can also add on a Flirty Girty Tungsten Bait Weight for additional color or weight to your jig. During those winter months, you'll often find me out on the hard water somewhere in Northwest Wisconsin hole hopping for some panfish.

I encourage you to give Flirty Girty Jigs a try, and you will be able to out fish the person on the bucket next to you! 🙂

Howdy, my name is Caspian Hebert but most call me Cas. I’ve been a Pro-Staffer for Flirty Girty for 1 year. I’m very excited for our 2023-2024 ice fishing season and ready for hard water.

I have used the new Wunderbread ice jigs and have had phenomenal success during the open water season for large river crappies and walleyes, so my hopes are high for this winter. I’m a big predator fisherman which includes muskies and big pike, walleyes and smallmouth. I’ve had my greatest results for muskies and pike with suckers hooked up on a supersharp size 4 Flirty Girty glow Icehook. 

Fishing is my greatest passion which I pursue every moment I get whether it’s after school, after work plus weekends. 

Flirty Girty Walleye Ice Rods will be out this winter for the general public. Last winter I was fortunate enough to field test the new walleye ice rods. The carbon rod blank, sensitive tip and sensitive cedar handle works super as a jigging rod as well as a tip down or flag system ice rod.

How’s it going? My name is Cole Backstrom and I have been a Flirty Girty pro staffer for 3 years and I’m very excited for our upcoming ice fishing season and new gear.


I’m especially excited for the new Wunderbread jig for jumbo perch and slab crappies! I’m also excited about the new walleye rods, I love catching walleyes just as much as panfish and I know the new Flirty Girty Walleye Ice rod will be my rod of choice this ice season! Paired with the Flirty Girty Walleye Ice rod, I will be using the Flirty Girty glow ice hooks, I’ve experienced great luck with these ice hooks multiple times on tip ups, tip downs, dead sticks and rattle reels.

Have fun and be safe this ice season. See you on the ice!

Hello, my name is Cooper Kruschke and I have been a Flirty Girty ProStaffer for 3 years.

I am super excited for this upcoming ice season to try out the new Wunderbread Flirty Girty ice jig. I am a multi-species angler and the Flirty Girty jig is perfect for what I like to fish for: bluegills, crappies and big perch. I catch big pike and walleyes on the Flirty Girty glow treble ice hooks using tip ups and tip downs.  


Check out the new colors of tungsten bait weights, they work with any ice jig and are perfect to get down to your fish fast in deep water!

Hello. My name is Jay Loftsgaarden. Most call me Dr. Jay. I have been hard water fishing for the past 10 years. I spend about 60 days a year on the ice chasing mostly panfish with an occasional Northern thrown in. My favorite is bluegills but I don’t pass up perch and crappies! 

As you can see I got into it and even convinced my wife we could use a “camper”… hence my Ice Castle. I usually keep it parked on a nearby lake as a base of operation.

I spend most of my time outside hole hopping trying to find the hot spot. When I hit a new part of a lake I will often drill 5-10 holes to start with my K-drill and then throw in the Aqua Vu Mini or flasher(Lowrance with GPS) drop a line with my chartreuse Flirty Girty and see what happens. If I don’t see or catch something soon I move to the next hole and try a different color or presentation. Repeat until I’m catching fish! If available, I return to the Ice Castle for rejuvenation and fish in the warmth for a while. 

If I hit a new lake I look for open or recently fished holes to start. Somebody thought fish were there! Otherwise I just see where other people are fishing stop and talk fishing.  Most fishers are like me and are willing to share how and where they are biting. 

Ice fishing has made me look forward to winter and frying a few fresh and tasty bluegills.

Hello Flirty Girty Followers. 


My name is Karl Klatt a/k/a “The Walleye Guy”, that is what Dave has called me since joining the Flirty Girty Pro Staff over five years ago.  I have been ice fishing now for over 50 years chasing whatever bites.  My main focus is, yes, the walleye. 


So, here is a little history of my fishing career.  I guided musky fishing in the early 1990s, mostly in NW Wisconsin. I then turned to outfitting and guiding walleye for the last 20 plus years.  I do charter salmon and trout fishing on Lake Michigan through the summer months, mostly July and August.  I have been doing that now for 20 plus years too.  The Flirty Girty team has now come out this year with a new carbon blanked walleye jig rod.  Find a dealer near you and get one before they are gone.  I have used and tested the panfish rod and by far it is a keeper.  The over sized eyes are so there is no ice build-up.  And the sensitivity is so good you do not need a spring bobber at all.  


And to add to fish catching pleasure – Flirty Girty has now added a new color to their already great line-up of colors and sizes, “Wunderbread”.  I know I will be tying one of these on to try when I put the walleye rod down and grab the panfish rod.  


I have been using the ice hooks topped with the tungsten bait weights for the last couple years.  Prior to that I was just using the ice hooks and added slip bobber beads on top of the hook for added attraction.  Dave and Don took note to that and developed the Tungsten Bait Weights.  So this year I am excited to try out the two new colors that were added, Red and Glow.  Last year I had a lot of success on pink glow hooks and two to three pink bait weights. These bait weights will hold that minnow in place and add attraction to that finicky walleye, pike, or whatever swims.  So play around with whatever color hook and bait weights and see what works for you.  


The picture I attached is my mother and I from last year, she was 91 YEARS YOUNG at the time the photo was taken. I finally talked her into coming out ice fishing and see if we could catch her first walleye thru the ice. Well, she did that along with a couple more. And the pink ice hook with the bait weights did their job again. I am hoping to get her out again this year, after last time I think she is HOOKED!! 


Tight lines and screaming drags to all and may all your flags pop and tip downs drop. 


Karl (The Walleye Guy) 

Hello, my name is Brandon Xiong. I joined the Flirty Girty Prostaff team during the 2023 ice season. 

I have tried a majority of the Flirty Girty ice jigs and I’m impressed with how the panfish and perch turn on them fast and hot, especially the Wunderbread color coupled with a pink or purple Bait Weight above the jig. 

I have had great success on the Flirty Girty panfish jigs.  

I’ve caught many SLABS this past year using the Flirty Girty Ice jigs and you will too! 

The open water Flirty Girty Walleye Jigs are amazing! The first time I ever used them I was hooked on them! The built in wobbling action design and the glow-in-the-dark eyes are more unique than any other jigs I’ve used for walleye. I was never really into walleye fishing that much but the immediate success of using these jigs changed all that.  It’s super simple and easy to use.  I like to use an 1/8oz or 1/4oz Flirty Girty Walleye Jig and a live fat head minnow or crappie minnow and just slowly drag and jig on the bottom.